Website Design
A local couple started a new business venture in real estate investment and needed a new website to help launch their business. I was given a business card with the business name and contact information, their previously chosen keywords, and some body copy. This is the final design the client opted for.
Logo and Concepts
In creating this website, I cycled through different color palettes, using similar sites as reference and the idea of "wine country" as inspiration as well. In addition, the need arose for a simple, straightforward logo to be used as in the site header.
Using the business name as a starting point, I tried to keep the logo minimal and a bit illustrative. Ultimately the client opted for just the logotype with no illustration and the green and blue palette, but my favorite was still the wine glass and house illustration with the brighter palette.
The client's final selection was a simple, straightforward logotype using a deep, rich blue and ivory.
This was my favorite. The colors were bright but still professional (blue was far and away the primary color) and looked good when used on the site. The logo was much better once simplified.
The first iteration of the house/wine glass concept. Lines were far too thin to use as a logo, and the colors were too "muddy" once applied to the site, but I did like the rust orange color that, when used in the logo, could either be seen as wine in a glass or roofs on the houses.

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