Employee Awards Dinner 2018
I created the 2018 Awards Dinner designs while I was an employee of Lodi Memorial's marketing department. The project included an invitation (on which most other designs were based), response card, envelopes for each, tickets, program, menu card, internal flyer, powerpoint presentation, an award certificate, a newspaper ad that ran the day following the event listing all awardees, and a social media-compatible image to honor the award winner.
Invitation to the annual Employee Awards Dinner event, the design of which is used throughout the rest of the materials and decor for the event.
For this event, in addition to the event invitation, I was tasked with creating response cards, tickets, internal advertisement flyer, program, menu, and local newspaper announcement listing all award recipients.
Facebook asset to honor the Ted Holmstrom Award winner, an annual award celebrating the employee who most embodies the spirit and heart of the organization.
Ted Holmstrom Award Certificate. Updated to reflect the branding of the organization.
The final asset created for the Employee Awards Dinner was the PowerPoint presentation to go along with the night's program. It included several videos made by a local videographer (not included), animations to reveal an award winner at the correct moment, and an animated "In Memoriam" slide at the end of the presentation that gave each employee their own moment to be recognized. This video is a condensed version of the hour-long original program.
Town Hall 2018
Adventist Health Lodi Memorial holds quarterly all-employee events where staff and executives can have more informal communication. Through the years it has undergone many different formats, from a simple presentation and q&a to far more structured events with executives manning booths and interacting with smaller groups at a more personal level. The January 2018 Town Hall event theme of the world traveler was influenced by the hospital's new initiative, "Together, providing World-Class care."
The World-Class logo that was created to be used at this event was then used throughout the year at other employee-focused events to encourage buy-in of the new initiative.
World-Class Logo - this was printed ~3ft wide on foam core and hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room.
Every attendee received one of these "passports" upon entering the event. The back page had space to fill in their name, department and time of entry, and each labeled space on the inside was intended for a custom stamp from each booth. Once the employee had visited each booth and received all five stamps, they turned in the passport to win a raffle. This was also how attendance was recorded.
These are the designs that were created to be used on the passport.
Cafe Collateral
The hospital cafeteria, named The Vineyard Cafe, frequently needed print designs created. Menu redesigns (for multiple health needs, including renal- and cardiac-patient dietary restrictions), wayfinding signage, and the below cards were all part of their requested designs.
In 2018, the new nutrition department director requested a voucher be designed to hand out to patient family members, during employee promotions, and in customer service recovery situations. Two files were created, one for printing in-house, 8 to a page, and one to send out to commercial printers in the area.
Created in 2016, this card was used to promote the cafeteria's coffee bar.
Coffee purchases were marked with an ink stamp. The printed image posed a problem in that the stamp ink didn't soak in and often smeared.
In 2018, the card was redesigned to reflect the new hospital system's branding.
Less ink was used in the backside of the redesign to allow the original (and still in use) stamp ink to permeate the card. Uncoated stock was used as well. In addition, the copy regarding the promotion was removed, as it was self-explanatory.

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